World Class Manager

Accelerate your career with World Class Manager World Class Manager is a management programme designed to provide new, aspiring and existing managers with the very best tools and techniques used by 1000’s of great leaders and managers around the world


WCM aims to build your collective management capability and enhance the performance of your teams, departments and organisation overall. 

Built on global best practice from 1000’s of great managers around the world, WCM is fast-track learning and the 21st century solution for today’s time poor managers and cost constrained world.


Through a 12- modular programme of development: accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

WCM is combination of expertlyfocused video, workbooks, assessment and reflection questions and is certified by the cpd


WCM gives managers a foundation in world class management best practice and in the habits of a great 21st century manager. 

Managers will gain over 120 key insights and tools to benchmark their current practice and enhance their performance immediately.


Our 3 steps will ensure that you can learn and apply new practices in the fastest, simplest way possible and start creating an impact todayI


  • Bite-sized videos 
  •  Workbook - capturing key learning and development


  • Guided activity - put in to practice 
  • Reflection questions - further embed learning


  • Assessment - interactive assessments 
  • Accreditation and CPD - work towards certification

What our 12 Modules cover

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21st century management 

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Great goal setting 

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Inspiring appraisals 

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Optimising your time 

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Improving communication 

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Better meetings better results 

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Understanding our customer 

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Creating a stand out team 

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Developing me developing my team 

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Managing up

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Presenting with presence 

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Being a strategic leader



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